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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Spring Time

Spring has definitely Sprung! While its not too hot, we have had a few warm days and the weather is great. Wildflowers are really growing - so this post is mostly going to be about pictures to enjoy.

These are a poppy and Lupin from on top of Grass mountain (up past Michael Jackson's old place).

Here are a couple of hillsides off 154 last Sunday
And here is our familiar statue with a couple of different varieties blooming today - 3/25.
Our main field is a couple of months away, but there is always some color around here!

And here is Buttercup looking at me with a very sharp eye. These chickens not only know their names, but they can be very expressive and a LOT smarter than normally given credit for.. Buttercup never used to let anyone pick her up - and to be honest she still isn't too eager to be picked up. But the other day she walked into the store and let customers pick her up. She is now two years old and is one of the plumpest ones here.
But she doesn't have to worry about that, because none of these chickens are eaten. They are pets. Time for some tofu.
More Wildflowers to come in a few days - we are heading up Grass Mountain again in the morning.

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