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Monday, February 1, 2010

Barnyard Romance

This is the valentine's day story for chicken lovers. This is Brenda who hatched the babies in the previous posts. The rooster with her is one that hatched from one of Tweety's eggs in June.
We had been hoping for a hen, but ....... "LT" or Little Tweety is very personable and likes attention. he rides in the car like Tweety and has made friends at the same feed store that she has. Glenn took him to a local event last week, and he sat on Glenn's arm through Glenn's whole talk. He will let strangers pet him, but he's not too comfortable sitting on their ARMS.

LT seeks Brenda out during the day and she him as well. There are 3 hens from the brood of 8, and they hang with him too during the day. He makes passes at some of the hens but Talkie doesn't put up with much of that. In fact LT had quite a bite on his comb and was bleeding a little. Talkie got him.

Below is a shot taken of LT when he was just a little guy. He is the one up on the hen's back. There were only 3 in that brood, and he was marked a lot differently than the other two. They were a lot more shy, too. The other two looked like identical twins, and we called them "The Rooster Brothers". They went to live with one of the ladies from the local feed store.

Here is a shot of the two nest mates just before they got their new diggs.

They grow very fast, don't they? The baby shot was taken Aug 11, and this one was taken in December only a little more than 4 months later.

We have worked pretty hard to make sure that none of these guys wing up in the stew pot or fighting. Glenn makes a point of handling all of them some every day and it makes a difference. It makes them a lot better as potential adoptees.

Unfortunately there isn't room for more than 2 roosters here, and LT will be the #2 guy. The others all have homes as well, but they are staying here for another week or two.