Talkie Says its time to wake up!

Talkie Says its time to wake up!
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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Talkie the Rooster

This is our "Main Man" around the hen house. We call him "Talkie" because he talks all day long as he hangs out with and chases the hens.

We almost lost him last week. He was acting strangely. Chickens are actually pretty fragile, and you have to pay close attention to them. If they get sick, its almost always too late to help them by the time their symptoms are noticed.

When we upended him to check him out, he had two infected and maggot infested wounds.
Probably the result of a raccoon or possibly a possum. It was a mess. Glenn cleaned him up and then the local vet cleaned him up a lot better and gave him some antibiotics

While chickens (and other birds) get worse very fast, they also get better very fast. In just a day Talkie was back crowing and eating, and in a couple of days he was back outside with his girls (who missed him by the way). After four days he was allowed to stay back in the hen house overnight.

We were really happy that he got better. His crowing around the farm has really become part of
the day and he would have been missed. Lots of thanks to Dr. MacVeigh at Solvang Vet Hospital

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